Malaysian Trumpet Snails

The trumpet snail is a long cone shaped snail with a mainly brown shell. Stripes and dots are all seen patterning the outer shell surface. It is perhaps the best freshwater snail for use in brackish fish tanks. Trumpet snails can tolerate salt concentrations as high as 85% of a marine environment. Melanoides tuberculata are an algae and fish food eating species useful for cleaning the aquarium.

Trapdoor Snail Behaviors

During the day Malaysian trumpet snails will remain buried in the substrate. They are active during the dark hours at which time they emerge and begin looking for algae and other food to eat. The burrowing is useful for turning over gravel to increase circulation.

Breeding behavior will not be evident as all trumpet snails are self fertilizing females. Eggs are kept inside a pouch until they hatch which is why they are often referred to as a live bearing species. Reproduction is very efficient and the numbers of trumpet snails will steadily increase if not removed. If numbers become to high it may be a sign of overfeeding

Why People Choose Trumpet Snails

The trumpet snail can live in brackish water so they are good for live aquariums using lot of salt. Freshwater aquariums are an equally good environment for their needs. As they are eaten by some loaches they can be a convenient live food source for some. Overall they are very easy to care for and literally replace themselves.

Live Malaysian Trumpet Snails For Sale

Trumpet snails for sale can be found on the internet. Below are the listings where you can buy trumpet snails from eBay.

(10) live trumpet snails! (10) live trumpet snails!
Young Adult Spike Tail Malaysian Trumpet Snails,  Live Arrival Spiral,  Cone Young Adult Spike Tail Malaysian Trumpet Snails, Live Arrival Spiral, Cone