Ramshorn Snails

The ramshorns are a series of aquatic snails classified together because of their shell shape which curls around into a spiraled disc. They are easy to care for in coldwater or tropical aquariums. All are fairly small varieties growing not much larger than half an inch in width. You can buy ramshorn snails is multiple colors and patterns at very little cost.

Ramshorn Snail Varieties

Most ramshorn snails are from the planorbidae group but there are many other snails represented within the collection. This can make identification of species problematic but all have similar care requirements anyway.

The different species of ramshorns show a range of colors and patterns. Some species also have variants within their population. Red and brown are the most widely sold colors. Red ramshorn snails look particularly attractive under good aquarium lighting. Their bodies will be seen to almost glow a bright red when well lit.

Why People Buy Ramshorn Snails

Ramshorns will eat algae and overlooked fish food so they have a practical aquarium purpose. If keeping them in large numbers supplemental food should such as algae wafers should be provided.

This is a care free snail species with simple requirements. Any aquarium temperature will be accepted so long as it does not become warm and void of dissolved oxygen. If ramshorn snails are seen at the surface of the aquarium water in groups it may be a sign that better oxygenation is required. PH will be acceptable at neutral or above, any lower can rot this snail's shell.

Live Ramshorn Snails For Sale

As a prolific breeder you should not expect to pay very much when you buy ramshorn snails. Prices range from a few cents to around a dollar each depending on the number required.

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