Tiger Lotus

Nymphaea Zenkeri

The tiger lotus or tiger lily is a tropical plant suitable for aquariums. They make appealing mid ground or feature plants because of their large colored leaves.

Leaves start off small but can reach a length of 20cm. The foliage is fairly round in shape with these leaves growing from individual stems. These stems can vary in length but all grow directly from the base of the plant.


Varieties with different leaf colors have been established. The common shades seen on tiger lily leaves are red and green. Speckles and blotches of these colors are arranged randomly for a pleasing effect. Plants with a lot of strong color are likely to be the red tiger lotus or nymphae lotus variety rubra.

Care & Requirements For Tiger Lotus

Tiger lillies like strong light. Ample illumination will help them grow quickly with fewer leaves growing to the surface. Any growth that reaches upward should be pruned to keep the plant compact and submerged. Roots can also be pruned from time to time to reduce floating leaves.

As an African and Asian plant type this lily should be kept in a temperature range between 22 and 28 degrees Celsius. Rich matter in the substrate will also help to promote healthy growth.

Tiger Lotus For Sale

People buy tiger lotus for their striking appearance compared to the plain green of many aquatic plants. Generally they are a mid priced aquatic plant worth from $10 to $20. Tiger lotus for sale may be sent competely bare of leaves. Once the rhizome is planted in the substrate and leaves will soon sprout however.

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