Oscar Fish

The Oscar (Astronatus ocellatus) is one of the most popular South American cichlids you can buy. This fish can grow quite large; up to a foot in length. It is a hearty eater that can be trained to take the food straight from the owner's hand. The Oscar fish's length and appetite are only matched by it's huge personality.

Oscar Varieties

Selective breeding of oscar cichlids has resulted in many choices for the eye. There are several variations with red or orange on a dark brown to black background. Where the color is in a large patch they are known as red oscars. If the red is formed as striped irregular markings it is usually called a tiger oscar. Albino oscars retain the orange and red but lose the dark background in exchange for a white one.

A fairly recent addition to the gene pool has been the long finned oscar. The short practical fins are replaced with long flowing fins for a completely different look. Take care when keeping this variety as it is more prone to attack from other fish. Their temperament and vulnerability often make them only suitable for a single species aquarium.

Why People Choose Oscar Fish

Those who buy oscar fish are the type of people who want their fish to be part of the family too. These fish seem to become close to their owners when hand fed and given frequent contact. Some oscars become so accustomed to humans that they enjoy being stroked lightly on the top of the head.

If you choose to own an oscar you will need a large aquarium to accommodate this fish's growth. The fish's large size and large home will command attention in whatever room they are placed.

Oscar Fish For Sale

The listings below are from eBay sellers who allow you to buy oscar fish from their inventories. The oscar fish for sale will differ as auctions end and new fish are listed.

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