Killifish & Their Eggs

Members of the killifish group typically have long bodies with bright colors. These appealing tones are arranged into intricate patterns. These marking are what gives this fish such appeal with aquarium keepers. They are also quite versatile being able to live in freshwater and brackish tanks. Though there are some exceptions most killies only reach one or two inches in length.

Many killifish are annual creatures. In the wild they dwell in lakes that dry up and refill every year. Eggs can dry out and wait until the rains until they hatch. This makes them easy to buy and transport since the dormant eggs are sent instead of live killi fish.

Killifish Behaviors

These fish have very wide mouths that can eat many smaller species. For this reason they are often kept in a single species setup. Definitely do not keep killifish with guppies or tetras especially if they are one of the larger varieties.

Even in a single species aquarium their will be squabbles. Killifish are territorial by nature and a large aquarium is advised to allow space for everyone.

Hatching Killifish Eggs

Complete hatching manuals are sold with the killifish eggs. They eggs come in the peat they were laid in. To start the hatching process they need to be incubated for the specified period. After such time the blocks of peat are placed in trays of water where the fry start to emerge. By growing the killifish to maturity you can have them lay more eggs and repeat the process indefinitely.

Killifish Eggs For Sale

Pet shops tend to sell live killifish while mailorder and online sellers usually offer eggs. The eggs are often sold in batches of 50 or thirty. This gives you plenty in case some do not hatch. Compared to most fish prices killfish eggs for sale are quite cheap. Although beautiful this is a very affordable species. You can buy killifish eggs for only a few dollars per packet from some online forums.

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