Betta Fish

Red & blue male fighting fish

The Betta splendens was originally bred for its fighting abilities but is now more widely known for its striking appearance. None the less, this species is still often referred to as the Siamese fighting fish.

Betta Splendens Varieties

Great advancements have been made in the selective breeding of Betta for their fin shape and bold coloration.

Fins have been produced in all manner of shapes; from long finned veil tail varieties to spike trimmed crown tail bettas. Another popular fin variation are the halfmoon bettas with their rounded tails. These fin appendages would be detrimental to the fish in battle but are very decorative for the pet betta.

Skin and fin colors are available in many hues and combinations. Red and blue are common but also expect to find purple, yellow, white, green and even clear finned betta variations.

Why People Choose Bettas

Three color betta splendensFirst time Betta splendens owners often choose them because they appear simple to keep; the containers are small and often have no heater in the pet shops. While unheated containers may be satisfactory at first they will often be far to cold during winter. Betta like to be kept in true tropical temperatures as this is the conditions they originally came from. See more on siamese fighting fish care.

Live Betta Fish For Sale

Those who buy bettas online can select from beautiful fish in a range of colors. There are far more shades available than just red and blue.

Below are listings of siamese fighting fish selling on eBay.
The betta fish for sale are always being updated with the newest fish to be listed at auction.

Halfmoon betta Halfmoon betta
Red Halfmoon Betta live fish Red Halfmoon Betta live fish
Red Halfmoon Betta Live Fish 04 Red Halfmoon Betta Live Fish 04